To ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of both our employees and customers, we have put in place a COVID-19 policy, conducted risk assessments and taken the following measures which will allow us to work safely without the risk of infection transfer:

Social Distancing – 2 metre rule must be adhered to at all times, where this is not possible, face and hand protection must be worn.

Hygiene – regularly handwashing is encouraged throughout the day, along with good respiratory hygiene. Where washing facilities are not available hand sanitiser should be used.

Company Premises – The company premises and have been thoroughly sanitised to ensure the safety of staff, all staff are working in a socially distant environment and where this is not possible office staff are working from home. On arrival at our premises all employees and customers are required to sanitise their hands and wear face masks where social distancing is not possible.

Onsite – Our staff are required to wear PPE when onsite at a customers premises. Staff have also been inducted as to the practices they must adhere to while onsite. Staff will ensure they remove all materials and tools at the end of each day, and sanitise any hard surfaces they have come into contact with.

Coronavirus Symptoms – Employees are required to advise their manager on a daily basis if they are experiencing any symptoms or if they have been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms. No employee or customer should attend the office if they are experiencing symptoms.

We are keeping up to date with all the changes to the guidelines and legislation in relation to the virus.

We urge our employees and customers to review guidance from the Government, NHS, HSE and other bodies on a daily basis.